Denver Air Duct Cleaning

Why Cleaning The Air Ducts In Your Home Is Important

  • Remove The Dust That’s Circulating Through Your Home

    When dust and dirt build up inside your ducts it gets circulated around your home repeatedly. That’s why you see dust settle on the surfaces of your furniture. If you want clean, healthy air circulating through your home, you have to get rid of source of the problem.. the dust and dirt that’s inside your ducts.

  • Get Rid Of Odors, Pollen, Pet Hair & Dander

    We all love our pets like family, but they sure can bring lots of yuckiness into our homes. Pollen, pet hair, pet dander, and mites are just a few things that get brought in from outside and end up in your ducts. Household dust by itself is one of the top 5 triggers for asthma and allergy, and all these things from outside only make the air in your home dirtier.

  • Clean Out Dust & Debris From Construction Projects

    If you’ve had remodeling work done, or moved into a new home, your contractor made sure everything was spotless when they finished. Everything that is, except your air ducts. If you haven’t looked inside your vents and registers after the work was finished… prepare yourself. You wouldn’t believe what we find inside the ducts in brand new homes, or after even the simplest of remodeling projects. Chewing gum, cigarettes, soft drink cans, and chicken bones are just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Because Your Air Ducts Are Dirty!

    It’s really that simple for most people! Who wants to breathe dirty, polluted air?