An honest, accurate look at how much duct cleaning costs if you live in the Mile High City

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The only honest answer to how much duct cleaning will cost is… it depends. Like most things in life, how much it will cost to have your ducts cleaned depends on two things:

  1. The quality of service you’re looking for
  2. The type of company and people you want working in your home

Too Good To Be True Duct Cleaning Offers

You’ve probably seen lots of ads promoting air duct cleaning ‘specials’ that range anywhere from $300 down to as low as $89. Ever wonder why you’ve never heard of the companies behind those cheap advertising offers? Because cheap duct cleaning ‘promotions’ are always going to be a bait & switch tactic designed to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners.

I’ll explain the tactics fly-by-night companies use to get one of their employees into your home in my next article on how to avoid duct cleaning scams, but let’s just get something out of the way right upfront. You will not find any well-known, reputable duct cleaning companies in Denver that offer duct cleaning service for $200 – $300. It wouldn’t be possible for any of Denver’s top duct cleaning companies to employ well-trained technicians, or invest in professional caliber equipment, and provide ‘bargain-basement’ service. That should tell you something about those too good to be true ‘cheap’ duct cleaning offers you see all the time.

So… now that we understand how much duct cleaning doesn’t cost in Denver, let’s move on to how much it actually will cost. If you’re looking for quality service from a well-known, reputable duct cleaning company that utilizes both professional technicians and equipment, the least you can expect to spend to have your ducts cleaned is $500. That’s where the base packages start with any of the best duct cleaning companies in Denver, and the cost can go up from there.

Now let’s talk about what should be included as standard when you hire a reputable company to clean the ducts in your home, and what factors or additional services can add to the base cost of your duct cleaning.

What Should Be Included In Standard Duct Cleaning Service

  • Supply vents*
  • Return vents*
    (*Most base packages will include up to 15 vents and registers)
  • Trunk lines (both of them)
  • Visual inspection of major components in your furnace
  • Visual inspection of your evaporative coil
  • Wipe down the furnace cabinet and the surfaces inside

A Note About The Furnace Inspection

I only know of two duct cleaning companies in Denver that have actual HVAC technicians operating the equipment. So this is not a true diagnostic inspection that can identify a problem with the electrical components inside your furnace. It’s usually a ‘visual inspection’ of the major components. The technician will be able to tell you if the blower in your furnace needs to be removed and cleaned or not, and if they see any damage to your blower wheel.

Now let’s look at the factors and optional services that can add to the cost of your duct cleaning

How Many Vents and Registers You Have In your Home

All the top duct cleaning companies in Denver typically include the first 15 vents and registers in the price for their standard, or base duct cleaning package. If you have more than 15 vents in your home, there will be a charge that ranges from $10 – $15 for each additional vent over the first 15 that are included in the standard package. Note: If a company says they include ‘one return vent’ in their standard package, that is usually a sign that it’s a bait & switch offer.

Furnace Cleaning Options

The technicians should wipe down the inside and outside of your furnace cabinet as part of the duct cleaning service. This is not a deep cleaning, but it should remove any dust and dirt on the surfaces of your furnace.

The most common optional service people will have done with their duct cleaning is to have the blower (also referred to as the fan) inside the furnace removed and cleaned. If your furnace blower is dirty, it is definitely a good idea to have the blower removed and cleaned. A coating of dust and dirt on your blower will not only be reintroduced into your ducts after they’ve been cleaned, but it is also a drag on the performance and efficiency of your HVAC system.

The cost to have the blower cleaned by and of the top duct cleaning companies in Denver will range from $220 to $400 depending on the company, and how much dust and dirt is caked on the blower.

Evaporative Coil Cleaning Options

The second most common optional service that can be added on with your duct cleaning is to have the evaporative coil cleaned. The evaporative coil sits on top of your furnace, and is part of your air conditioning system. The technicians should always inspect the condition of the coil as part of your duct cleaning service.

If your coil needs to be cleaned, the technicians will have to open up the plenum or case that it sits in and remove the coil in order to get it clean. The cost to have your evaporative coil thoroughly cleaned typically ranges from $400 to $600, depending on which company you choose and how dirty the coil is.

The Bottom Line

If you want to have your ducts cleaned by one of the well-known, reputable air duct cleaning companies in Denver, the items included as standard and the cost ranges for optional services listed above are very accurate. When you see offers for cheap air duct cleaning service, you know there are legitimate reasons to be skeptical of the company, the equipment they use, and/or the type of technicians they employ. Just like with anything else in life, when it comes to air duct cleaning service in Denver, you get what you pay for.

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