If you’re looking to enhance the quality of your indoor air, you need a duct cleaning service you can rely on.

Don’t fall prey to pollution in your own home. Allergens and pathogens can easily build up in the ductwork.

A clean HVAC system can dramatically improve your environment and choosing a decent company can be a minefield. We’re here to point you in the right direction.

Enjoy Healthier Air With Cleaner Ducts

Maybe you’re questioning whether getting those ducts cleaned is really worth it…

That’s only natural. Nobody wants to spend money unnecessarily.

Here’s the thing, though…

Air duct cleaning is far from a needless expense.

HVAC systems can carry harmful particles that bring on allergies, hay fever or asthma.

  • 1 in 5 Americans are exposed to substandard air at home or at work
  • Indoor air quality is rated by the EPA as one of America’s top 5 health threats

You owe it to yourself and your family to ensure your ducts are clean.

Why Invest In Air Duct Cleaning

It would be bad enough if the contaminants and allergens simply stayed inside the ductwork. Instead, these irritants are circulated around your home.

Breathing in pet hair and dander, dust or household grease can wreak havoc with your circulatory system.

Alongside the health benefits, a first-class duct cleaning service can actually save you money in the long run…

By enhancing the overall performance and airflow of your HVAC system, you can enjoy savings on your power bills. Not only will you use less energy, the equipment is more likely to last the distance when properly serviced.

Air Flow Problems in Aurora

Don’t let the residential nature of Aurora or the fact it’s close to Denver trick you into thinking this is just another suburb. From its reservoir beach and profusion of golf courses through to hiking trails and pro sports in abundance, Aurora has a huge amount to offer.

The weather in Aurora will put your HVAC system through its paces. In the hot summers your AC will be working overtime. Chilly winters will have you cranking up the heating.

Whatever the weather, you need your air ducts properly cleaned to ensure humidity levels in your home are well regulated. Leaking ducts can lead to a drop in energy efficiency and comfort with the air becoming either too dry or too moist.

We’ll look now at what your options are for air duct cleaning in Aurora…

Altitude Comfort: The Smart Choice for Duct Cleaning

With an overwhelming choice of air duct cleaning companies in Aurora, Air Duct Cleaning Denver regularly tops the list.

Why should you choose them?

Firstly, not all cleaning equipment is equal.

There are 2 main cleaning systems:

  • Rotary Brush Machine
  • Negative Air Pressure Machine

Some Aurora cleaning companies will only have the smaller rotary brush machines. At Altitude Comfort, skilled technicians will analyze your system and determine which of the two methods would work best.

With powerful rotary brush machines with 4 motors and HEPA filters or negative air pressure machines with 3-stage HEPA filtration, they’ll clean your ductwork like a dream.

If you want results along with superb customer service, contact us at (303) 995-0627 for an estimate or to make a booking.

How To Tell If You Need Air Duct Cleaning

Let your eyes and nose be your guide.

If you spot any dark lines around the edges of your carpet, you might need to clean more than the floors. Dirt belching out of heating or cooling systems tends to gather in carpet fibers so be vigilant.

When you fire up your heating or AC, if you notice a strange smell coming from the unit, this can point to contaminants that need cleaning.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Effective air duct cleaning will run you somewhere north of $500 if you want a reputable company with first-class equipment.

Take your time and focus on getting the job done well by a company you trust.