4 Reasons We’re Denver’s Best Duct Cleaning Service

  1. Actual HVAC Technicians Performing Service
  2. State-Of-The-Art Duct Cleaning Equipment
  3. Professional Customer Care Team
  4. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When you choose us to clean the air ducts in your home, our whole team will do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations and make sure you have a great experience. Your technicians will take the time to thoroughly assess your home, and your HVAC system before they start your duct cleaning. We will take care to protect both your floors and walls, and will always show respect for your home and family during the entire process.

Our Duct Cleaning Packages

Here’s How Our Duct Cleaning Service Works

  1. We’ll Send Email Confirmation For Your Appointment

    After you schedule your duct cleaning service, you’ll receive an appointment confirmation email from our office. We’ll include your technician’s name and picture so you’ll know who to expect at the house, and when.

  2. Pre-Assessment Walk Thru With your Technician

    The Lead Technician assigned to your cleaning will do a through walk-through of your home with you. He (or she) will be happy to answer any questions you have about your duct cleaning, or the air duct system in your home.

  3. We’ll Prepare & Protect Your Home

    Your duct cleaning technician(s) will carefully place drop cloths to protect your floors and furniture prior to beginning your duct cleaning.

  4. Cleaning The Vents & Registers

    Your technician(s) will carefully remove the vent registers and take them outside for thorough cleaning. After cleaning, the vent registers will be placed in an area where they will be undisturbed while they dry.

  5. Cleaning The Furnace Blower (Premier & Optimum Packages)

    This is an optional service that’s available IF the blower in your furnace needs to be cleaned. Cleaning the furnace blower is included when you choose either the Premier or Optimum duct cleaning package. Your technician will remove the furnace blower (also referred to as the fan), and take it outside for thorough cleaning along with your vent registers.

  6. Cleaning The Supply & Return Ducts

    Your technician will clean your ducts using the equipment that is best suited to your ductwork system. Since we maintain state-of-the-art equipment for both methods of air duct cleaning, you can be sure that your technician will be able to give you the most effective duct cleaning service based on the conditions in your home.

    The return lines in your home contain the overwhelming majority of the dirt, dust, allergens, and debris that get stuck inside your ductwork. Your technician will use a powerful rotating brush to thoroughly clean and scrape the walls, and vacuum each return line until it is clean.

  7. Photo Documentation

    Your technician will take digital images during the course of your project, to verify that your air ducts have been thoroughly cleaned. We share the images with you so you can see the results for yourself. We can also email the pictures of your ducts after they’ve been cleaned if you’d like us to.

  8. Final Inspection & Clean Up Of The Work Area

    After your technician finishes cleaning your air ducts and the trunk lines in your home, the vent registers will be reinstalled, and if you chose a duct cleaning service that included having your furnace blower cleaned as well, the blower will be reinstalled at this time. Your technician will thoroughly clean up their work area after completing your duct cleaning.

  9. Your Approval & Payment

    Your technician will review the paperwork for your air duct cleaning service with you once cleanup is finished, and you’ll be able to take care of payment at that time.

  10. We’ll Send You A Follow-Up Email

    You will receive a follow-up email from us to make sure you were 100% happy with the service your technician provided you.

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