Your condenser is the outside unit for your air conditioning system.

dadc rheem condenser It’s the piece of equipment that everyone refers to as ‘the air conditioner.’ Since the condenser sits outside, it is constantly exposed to dirt and debris, which can build up on the coils. Here in Denver, when your air conditioner gets dirty enough, it can actually cause your AC system to freeze over. The evaporative coil that sits inside above your furnace will become clogged with ice buildup, and the air coming out of your vents will no longer be cold enough to cool your home. dadc frozen coil As more ice builds up inside the coil, the airflow will be choked off until you only feel a trickle of room temperature air coming out of the vents. When a dirty air conditioner is neglected long enough for the system to freeze over, you have no choice but to turn the air conditioner off so the ice inside the evap coil can melt. You can expect to spend anywhere from 6 – 24 hours with no air conditioning while you wait for the system to thaw out. Only then can an air conditioning repair technician perform the diagnostic tests required to fix your AC system. dadc ac blowingwarm cartoon Putting off having a dirty air conditioner cleaned means wasting money on inflated utility bills, and suffering in the heat when your air conditioner eventually freezes over in the middle of the summer. As part of your duct cleaning service, our technicians will thoroughly inspect your air conditioner. If the condenser needs to be cleaned, your tech will bring it to your attention. Our technicians will only recommend cleaning the condenser if it is actually dirty. Unlike a lot of air duct cleaning companies here in Denver that engage in bait & switch pricing schemes, our technicians will only recommend additional cleaning services if you actually need them. dadc hot homeowner We’ve put together more info on why it’s important to clean a dirty air conditioner in the Why Clean Your Air Conditioning section of our website.