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If the blower in your furnace is dirty, having it professionally cleaned by a qualified HVAC technician is one of the best things you can do for the health and efficiency of you heating and air conditioning equipment.

When the blower in your furnace gets dirty, it creates a drag on the airflow through your system, and places undue strain on the blower motor. Your blower motor will be forced to draw more power (amperage), which will increase your utility bills, and also lead to the eventual failure of the blower motor. Replacing a blower motor is a very expensive furnace repair, usually costing in excess of $1,000.

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To properly clean a dirty furnace blower, it has to be removed from the furnace and cleaned by hand. We have experienced HVAC technicians who perform this service. The average duct cleaning technician lacks the proper training and experience to perform this type of service on your furnace, and can cause serious damage to the blower wheel and blower motor in the process.

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Once the furnace blower has been properly cleaned and re-installed, the smooth flow of air through your HVAC system can be restored, and the additional strain on your blower motor will be eliminated.

Neglecting to clean a dirty furnace blower will eventually lead to expensive furnace repairs, and can even result in having to replace your furnace many years before you should. You can avoid both of these unnecessary expenses simply by having a professional throughly clean your furnace blower.

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As part of your duct cleaning service, our technicians will also carefully clean inside and outside the furnace cabinet, removing as much dust and dirt as possible.

We’ve put together more info on why it’s important to clean a dirty furnace blower in the Why Clean Your Furnace Blower Motor section of our website.