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Ever wonder if it’s really worth the money to have an air duct cleaning company do a thorough cleaning on your HVAC system?

Not one of the fly-by-night outfits that use cheap duct cleaning equipment and advertise $189 duct cleaning ‘promotions,’ but a professional company with professional-grade equipment and well-trained technicians doing the work.

(cheap duct cleaning promotions are a bait-and-switch tactic, by the way)

I’ve been in the homebuilding and HVAC industry for over two decades, and you can trust me when I say the answer is a resounding Yes! Professional air duct cleaning service can provide a multitude of benefits for your home and family, not to mention your HVAC system. But one benefit outweighs them all when it comes to deciding whether to invest the money in having your ducts cleaned.

Healthier air inside your home. While we all love having central heating and air conditioning in our homes, there is a big drawback to the way central heating and air systems work. When you run your furnace or air conditioner, the fan in your furnace circulates air from inside your home through a system of ducts (also referred to as your ductwork) inside your walls. Although the air passes through your furnace filter as it circulates through the system, fresh air is not being brought into your home. The same air is being recirculated over and over through your air ducts.

The return air vents in your home are designed to pull air from the rooms inside your house, and recirculate them through the system. As the air is pulled into your return vents, all the particles that contaminate our indoor air such as pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens are pulled into your air ducts as well. These contaminants will ‘stick’ to the inside of your air ducts, and create an unhealthy surface layer over which all the air inside your home flows as it is recirculated. This is the same air that you and your family are breathing every day in your home.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has listed indoor air pollution as the fourth greatest environmental threat to Americans’ health because indoor air can be found to be up to 70 ties more polluted than the air outside.

Professional air duct cleaning does a great job of removing these particles from the inside of your air ducts. After a thorough duct cleaning, the air inside your ducts is flowing over a clean surface instead of an unhealthy layer of contaminants, and in turn your family begins breathing cleaner, healthier air immediately.

Of all the benefits professional air duct cleaning provides, the health benefits of removing the buildup of contaminants inside your air ducts outweighs them all. Think of how many hours a day you and your family are at home. Just imagine the cumulative effect of breathing unhealthy, contaminated air day after day on your family’s health.

Having a well-known, reputable company provide professional air duct cleaning service isn’t cheap, but it’s one of the best things you can do for the health of your home and family.

This post was written by the official Denver Air Duct Cleaning website.

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